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    So I thought I’d post some recommendation photos. This is an iPhone case from Nuvango (previously Gelaskins).

    I’ve been using these cases since I bought my first iPhone. They are cheap, reliable and beautiful. After few years of using my phone with one of these cases I was amazed, when I took it off. The iPhone looked brand new. Great product.

    The one in the photo is Intermezzo by Andy Gilmore.

    What's the best general life advice you can give?

    Asked by jyesherwell


    The best advice I can give you is no advice.
    You don’t need my advice or advice from anyone else.
    You already know what to do. You already know the decisions you need to make.
    Advice just gets in the way of what you know you need to do.

    If there was a injured turtle in the middle of the road, you might say to the friend you are walking with “Hey, do you think I should go help that turtle so it doesn’t get hit by a car?”. But, you already know you don’t want the turtle to get hit by a car. Just go save it.

    Don’t get me wrong I love to give advice and like to read other’s advice. I even like those advice books and would love to write “How to get the most out of drawing overemotional stick figures on the internet!” It could be a bestseller, at least to me. And that is is the problem with advice, anything I say is really advice I should have listened to.

    You need advice for you.
    What if right now there is a turtle on your front step. A turtle just saved from getting hit by a car. If you are not watching you could open your front door and not even see the turtle. Then you trip on the turtle and your head crashes onto the pavement. There is nothing left of you except a bloody mess that also killed the turtle in the fall. It would be awful.

    But, if I tell you “Watch out for turtles!” you will see the turtle, step around it and head out into life going on to be the world’s most wonderful person.

    So that is my advice, “Watch out for turtles.”

    or you could check out this older advice I gave to someone else.

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